The Process

First Stages:

This covers:
  • download/printing a Submission Form (see the link above), providing Apex Publishing Ltd with all of the book's information.
  • sending the manuscript, together with a completed Submission Form, to Apex Publishing Ltd together with return postage.
  • if accepted by Apex Publishing Ltd, we will prepare an offer of a contract which will be sent via Royal Mail. We offer all kinds of contracts, and these may vary according to the terms offered.


This covers:
  • preparing press releases
  • copy-editing
  • review of proofs
  • typesetting
  • proofreading
  • cover design
  • book description and author profile
  • printing and binding
  • cover lamination
  • bar-coding ready for retail sale
  • ISBN registration
  • forwarding complimentary copies to the author

Marketing, Sales & Distribution:

This covers:
  • distribution of flyers/advance information sheets to agents and booksellers
  • contact with booksellers and overseas distributors and agents
  • distribution of copies to reviewers and as required by the Copyright act to:
    • The British Library
    • The Bodleian Library, Oxford
    • The University Library, Cambridge
    • The National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh
    • The Library of Trinity College, Dublin
    • The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth
  • distribution to local and national libraries
  • sending review copies to local/national newspapers
  • sending review copies to local/national radio/TV shows
  • providing information to press Internet sites
  • follow-up on local newspaper coverage
  • approaching bookshops throughout the UK to stock and arrange a book signings
  • placing on worldwide Internet sites
  • making the book available in ebook formats
  • providing information to ordering systems in most bookshops
  • providing author with book information cards, flyers and covers
  • submit books to television production companies
  • submit books to various book competitions/awards
For more information on any of the above please contact us: