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Timberland's corporate history from 1918. Its founder Nathan Swarts acquired in 1952 50% of the Abington Shoe Company shares, in 1955, Nathan bought the remaining shares, its second generation took over the company, and grow as the nation's most successful shoe in the next 10 years the company. In 1965, Swartz family introduced injection for footwear manufacturing technology. This revolutionary technology without the use of sutures, and leather soles can be fully bonded together to create a real sense of waterproof boots. 1973, Swartz family founded "Timberland" brand, and successfully produced the first right to the brand name of waterproof Timberland work shoes.saul maret reebok pump tennisThe threat of global warming on Earth is imminent. Timberland outdoor passion and responsibility to shareholders asking them must try to reduce this threat.saul maret reebok pump tennissaul maret reebok pump tennis Reduce carbon footprintreebok zjet review

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Protecting the environment is second nature Timberland brand. In 1992, in order to maintain community living and working environment of employees, Timberland company created a new project, later service road (Path of ServiceTM) project,, maret reebok pump tennisTimberland Green Index & reg; Green Index ratingsaul maret reebok pump tennisTimberland --- America's top 100 large companies want to entersaul maret reebok pump tennisUS brands Timberland, due to insistence on quality and create high-quality taste and highly respected. The yellow boots (Yellow Boots) and the development of the legendary founders of the international brand, the quality is definitely still stick with the global community together to create new glories.saul maret reebok pump tennisLog in China

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saul maret reebok pump tennis,reebok u form technology

5 brand story editor, maret reebok pump tennissaul maret reebok pump tennisManufactured boots use energy, chemicals and resources - all of which cause pollution. In order to establish the environmental values, we must continue to urge yourself to create more sustainable products. Timberland's goal is to promote innovation, high-quality, low pollution, fully recyclable products more generally. We will measure the impact of our shoes on the environment by using green index rating system for procurement of environmentally friendly materials and recyclable products designed to put into action.saul maret reebok pump tennisTimberland good development in China. The brand in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Yinchuan, Yiwu, Xining, Wuhan, Wuxi, Urumqi, Tianjin, Tangshan, Taiyuan, Suzhou, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang, Changsha, Jinan, Qingdao, Zibo, Dongying, Nantong , Nanning, Lanzhou, Kunming, Hohhot, Haining, Hangzhou, Guiyang, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Datong, Dalian, Chengde, Chongqing, Chengdu, Changchun, Baoding, Baotou and Anshan opened several stores.saul maret reebok pump tennisSocial Assessment

reebok u form technology,reebok classics shoes

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