One Moment In Time
Front Cover
Jill Prior

Foreword by:
Stephen Holbrook


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Brief Description: In 1991, the world for Jill and Roger Prior halted in its tracks, with the death of their youngest daughter, Lisa, a talented ballet dancer and teacher. Their devastation, which made them wonder whether there was any point in carrying on, led them on a roller-coaster journey in their search for answers to the meaning of life.
Drawn to the Spiritualist church in their quest for proof of the afterlife and the survival of the spirit after death, Jill and Roger met Stephen Holbrook, a gifted medium who was to change their lives forever. With his support, love and compassion, they have managed to move from pain and despair to rebuilding their lives and helping others through the precious knowledge they have found.
Peppered with both sadness and humour, this gritty and inspiring autobiography offers those grieving the loss of a loved one a glimmer of hope of light at the end of the dark tunnel that is bereavement, and the assurance that the spirits of those that have passed away live on, can interact with us in this life, and ultimately will be reunited with us in the next.

Special Note: This book is now out of print.

About the Author: Jill Prior published her first book One Moment in Time in 2006, following the tragic death of her youngest daughter. The book documented Jill and her husband Roger's journey as they came to terms with their loss, and their calling to the Spiritualist Church.
Since then, Jill and Roger have continued to assist their friend and mentor, international medium Steve Holbrook, managing his website and online bookings whilst coping with the daily challenges presented by Roger’s MS. More recently, Jill has discovered the power of spiritual healing and her second book details her amazing story as she pursues this path.
As well as writing, Jill enjoys gardening and painting. Jill and Roger also run an online shop specialising in crystals ( and together attend Mind Body and Spirit fairs across the south west.
Jill lives with Roger in Somerset.

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