Give My Love To...
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Graham Inward

Foreword by:
Nicholas Parsons OBE, LOB

Autobiography/World War II

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Brief Description: Graham Inward was only three years old when war broke out in September 1939, but many of his memories of living through the war years in his family home in Harringay, North London, and as an evacuee on four separate occasions remain to this day incredibly vivid, from bombing raids and destruction to childhood games and camaraderie.
The discovery, following his father’s death, of 36 letters, most between himself and his father during his evacuation periods, has not only sparked very personal, isolated and interesting recollections of living through the Second World War as a child, but has also led to personal discoveries about his relationship with his father that he will always treasure.
Peppered with photographs, letters, drawings and school reports, and with a fitting Foreword by actor/presenter Nicholas Parsons, this book will not only evoke reminiscences in those who have shared his wartime experiences, but will also provide a fascinating insight and an educational
experience to those of us fortunate enough not to have lived through those terrifying years.

About the Author: Graham Inward was born in June 1936 and was living in North London at the time of the outbreak of the Second World War. His childhood through the war years was thus spent both in blitzed London and also as an evacuee on four separate occasions. Following National Service in the Royal Army Educational Corps, he spent 38 years in the teaching profession, largely working with children with special educational needs. In 1961 he married his wife Annette and they have four children and four grandchildren.

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