The Barn
Front Cover
Edmund Romilly

Psychological Thriller/Fiction

Brief Description: Kelly was an ordinary and honourable man, stuck in a boring job as an office clerk in London, with little that made him stand out in a crowd in terms of either personality, looks or dress, but he did have one talent that set him apart – he was a poet.
Through a seemingly chance meeting with ageing authoress Flora Gilbert, he snatches the offer of a well-paid job as the ghostwriter for her autobiography, seeing it as a chance of freedom from his mundane existence. But was there something more sinister at work than simply pure coincidence?
Having unwittingly adopted the role of psychoanalyst to uncover Flora’s traumatic childhood memories, Kelly’s thoughts and emotions become increasingly obsessed by her. This ostensibly amiable yet eccentric woman now seems to possess a frightening predatory power. As Kelly becomes progressively psychically dislocated, he needs to free himself from the confusion and pain in his head – at any cost.

Special Note: This book is also available as an ebook.

About the Author: Edmund Romilly lives in London with his partner and, although he practises as a defence barrister, which has given him a deep insight into the mind of the criminal, he considers himself first and foremost a writer. This is his second book, following his first successful psychological thriller, Skinner.

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Publication Date:29 September 2006
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