Light at the End of the Tunnel
Front Cover
Chris Mallon


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Brief Description: Chris Mallon was a studious, naive, tennis-mad teenager growing up in Wexford, Southern Ireland, with everything to live for, but in the 1980s his youth was cruelly snatched away from him by an evil and manipulative Catholic Priest, the late Father Sean Fortune. However, Chris was one of the lucky ones – he survived to tell his tale and eventually make a new life for himself.
This is Chris’s moving, heart-on-sleeve story: a story of revisiting a painful emotional prison and finally being released from the confusion, mental anguish, illness, anger, guilt and depression that had held him locked in a lonely cell for so long. It is a story of healing. Through counselling, the support of special friends and family, and his own determination, Chris has managed to break the vicious circle of a negative mindset, tap into his spirituality and inner strength, accept his sexuality and realise his self-worth. He has learnt to love life.
Be prepared to be shocked, be prepared to cry, but also be prepared to celebrate the journey he has made through a very long and frightening maze, and take courage and strength from his discovery that, whatever the abuse and hardship suffered, closure from the terror of the past is possible and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Special Note: This book is now out of print.

About the Author: Chris Mallon lives in Dublin and works in Financial Services. He has worked through and overcome many hurdles over the last twenty years and now has a very positive outlook on life, valuing himself, his family and his community. He has a long-held love of tennis, music and musical theatre, and admits to being a true romantic, a bit of a worrier and a big lover of chocolate. In his words, “I love life”.

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