Nil Desperandum: Never Despair - A Biography of Patsy Feeley
Front Cover
Terry Smith

Foreword by:
David Glover

Biography/True Crime

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Brief Description: Born into abject poverty and a culture of crime in the East End of London shortly before the Second World War, Patsy Feeley soon realised that life was all about determination and survival. After long spells in approved school, detention centre, borstal and the Army, he developed a healthy disdain and distrust of authority.
Employing streetwise skills and ingenuity, he embarked on an adventurous life of crime and excitement. He was soon spotted and recruited by a gang of professional armed robbers to take part in plundering banks and security vans across London and the south-east of England, quickly earning a reputation as “one of the best armed robbers and money-getters in London”.
While at the peak of his notoriety and success, however, he was faced with a quadruple nightmare: a long prison sentence, a gangland murder investigation, cancer of the throat and a severe stroke that left him in a wheelchair. Yet, bullheaded and intransigent to the last, he somehow managed to pull himself back from the abyss.
This book not only provides an eye-opener about crime, criminals, the justice system and prison, but also the health-care system and the problems associated with being a severely disabled person. It is the warts-and-all story of one of the great oaks of East End folklore and, above all, a story of immense human suffering and endurance that can only demand respect.

Special Note: This book is now out of print.

About the Author: Terry Smith was born in Canning Town in the East End of London in 1959. After a tumultuous childhood spent in care homes and juvenile institutions, he was recruited into a gang of ‘old school’ bank robbers. Arrested and sentenced to 15 years for armed robbery in 1983, he escaped from prison and was at large for two years. Upon recapture, Terry was sentenced to a fresh term of 16 years, during which time he took full advantage of the prison education system, and nine years later he achieved his release on parole to attend university.
Terry now lives with his family in the backwaters of Essex, and has become a best-selling author and crime consultant. Totally reformed, he now goes to work with a sawn-off pen. He knows that his love of the English language and writing has become his saviour. Terry's other published books are 'The Art of Armed Robbery' and 'Two Strikes and You're Out'.

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