Kissed by Angels: The Biography of Lorraine Butler
Front Cover
Janet Lee

Foreword by:
Lorraine Butler


Brief Description: In this biography of spiritualist medium, Lorraine Butler, lies a remarkable example of how someone with little hope or direction can be struck down in a most cruel way with a series of horrendous personal traumas and loss and yet come out of the other side a stronger person with a true purpose in life and a positive and thankful outlook.
Charting her rocky pathway from her strange childhood visions, through three marriages and several family deaths to her recognition, acceptance and practice of her special gift of mediumship, this real-life story represents an incredible journey of spiritual development and shares memorable moments of poignant messages, life-changing readings and even encounters with celebrities in the spirit world.
Be prepared to shed a tear at the heartbreaking lows, to be shocked at her ‘warts and all’ frankness, and also to laugh at her trademark irreverent humour; but most of all, be prepared to be inspired by her sheer determination, her self-deprecating attitude and, above all, her comforting messages of hope.

Special Note: This book is also available as an eBook. An old edition of the paperback version carries the following ISBN: 978-1-904444-87-9.

About the Author: Janet Lee is a local newspaper reporter and former college lecturer. She lives with long-term and long-suffering partner, Alex, in Cannock, Staffordshire, and has two handsome sons, Paul and Kevin, and two gorgeous grandchildren, Tom and Grace. Janet runs a Cannock Animal Rescue branch, performs in local amateur dramatics and loves rock music.

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