Making My Own Space: The Autobiography of Paul Burton
Front Cover
Paul Burton

Foreword by:
Linda Regan


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Brief Description: From his early childhood, Paul Burton, now a prolific film and television writer, producer, director and historian, always felt different, as though he were a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, and he was labelled a ‘no-hoper’. However, this made him more determined to prove everybody wrong, pursue his ambitions against all the odds and carve out his own individually shaped niche. In effect, he has learnt how to make his own space.
This inspiring autobiography gives a unique and fascinating insight into the world of the arts, inviting the reader to taste all the wonderful eclectic flavours of the theatre, film, television and radio media, to be transported on tours around fascinating locations, and to meet the many interesting actors, actresses, performers, producers, directors and writers that Paul Burton has been privileged to encounter on his roller-coaster journey of ups and downs, many of whom had been his childhood comedy heroes.
With a fitting foreword by Linda Regan, Making My Own Space illustrates how dreams and ambitions can become an exciting reality. Paul Burton’s aim in sharing his story is to provide the sparks of encouragement for others to light their own flame, reach for their goals, persevere through difficult times and think, “Well, if he can achieve those things, then so can I.”

Special Note: This book is now out of print.

About the Author: Since 1989, Paul Burton has written, produced, devised, staged, directed and appeared in a prolific number of not-for-profit theatre, film, television and radio productions, and he produced a variety of light entertainment and drama programmes during a five-year association with Cable 7, Leicester’s one-time community television channel. His television drama Mirror, Mirror on the Wall received the Diamond Cable 7 Television Best Drama Production award in 1995 and Televisual the Best Light Entertainment Programme award in 1997. He was an in-house theatre producer at The Y Theatre, Leicester, in the early 1990s and, as an ardent film and television historian, he has compiled valuable research material relating to the past, present and future of Elstree Film & Television Studios. Paul is planning to stage a series of ‘audience with’ shows, has several new radio plays in the pipeline featuring well-known names and is also hoping to shoot a new short film in North London towards the end of 2007. The ultimate aim of his wide-ranging projects is to create practical and unique opportunities for people of all ages and from all kinds of backgrounds to become involved in the arts.

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