Living With BDD: Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Front Cover
Lea Walker and Janet Lee


Brief Description: Lea Walker first caught the public eye when she appeared on Channel 4’s Big Brother programme in 2006. Her outgoing personality, surgery enhanced figure and outspoken manner kept audiences glued to their screens but behind the smiles she was hiding a long history of eating disorders, abusive relationships and unhappiness.
As well as trying to come to terms with a history of violence, a failed marriage and life as a single parent, Lea has faced a continuous battle with her distorted body image. It is only recently, that she has managed to emerge triumphant from the trauma of the past and find the inner strength to finally lay her demons to rest.
Living with BDD is more than a biography. It is a touching and honest account of one woman’s struggle to come to terms with the crushing low self esteem and dysfunctional body image that have dominated her life.
By telling her story, Lea hopes that she may be able to help others to face up to their own personal nightmares. She is living proof that there is no problem so great that it cannot be overcome.

Special Note: This book is also available as an eBook. The hardback version of this book is now out of print (ISBN: 978-1-906358-06-8).

About the Author: Lea Walker was born in Nottingham in 1970. The youngest of four children, brought up in a pit house in a mining community, she learnt at a young age how hard life can be.
After being bullied about her size, Lea developed an uneasy relationship with food and her own self image and has battled for many years to overcome the body dysmorphia that has eroded her self confidence. She has subsequently come to terms with the crippling eating disorders and low self esteem that have dominated her life and has famously undergone plastic surgery to enhance her figure and improve her self worth.
Having survived an unhappy marriage and several abusive relationships, Lea rose to fame in 2006 when she appeared on Channel 4’s Big Brother and proved to be an endearing and entertaining housemate. Upon leaving the house she made numerous personal appearances and was a guest on a number of chat shows. She is currently enjoying the challenge of her new role as a broadcaster and author; and is full time carer for her mum and son Henri. She lives with her mum, Henri and beloved dogs.

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