The Official Carry On Facts, Figures & Statistics
Front Cover
Kevin Snelgrove

Foreword by:
Alan Hume and Jack Douglas


Brief Description: Little did anyone know, back in 1958 when the first Carry On film, Carry on Sergeant, was produced by Peter Rogers and directed by Gerald Thomas, that 50 years and 31 films later Carry On would have become such a well-loved British comedy institution, and one that continues to have people rolling in the aisles.
And what better way to celebrate Carry On’s 50th anniversary in 2008 than to dazzle Carry On fans with this incredibly well-researched treasure trove of information, including technical data about each film, interesting facts about every member of the Carry On team and every conceivable statistic that you could ever imagine.
With forewords by Carry On cameraman Alan Hume and actor Jack Douglas, and peppered with photographs and actors’ anecdotes and memories, this book is an absolute must for every Carry On aficionado.

Special Note: This book is also available as an eBook. The hardback version of this book is now out of print (ISBN: 978-1-906358-09-9).

About the Author: Kevin Snelgrove was born in 1960 in Frome, a small town in the countryside of East Somerset. He has been a fan of the Carry Ons since he was nine years of age, and is now considered one of the country’s leading experts. He has attended many Carry On events held at Pinewood Studios where he has made brief appearances with Carry On producer Peter Rogers and actor Jack Douglas. Kevin has also worked as a consultant for production companies making Carry On programmes for television.

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