No Laughing Matter: How I Carried On
Front Cover
Norman Hudis

Foreword by:
Peter Rogers


Brief Description: For the first time, in NO LAUGHING MATTER, Norman Hudis, who wrote the first six Carry On movies, reveals his hitherto secret, decades-long and quixotic writing-activity since he left the series. It's this: He Carried On Writing Carry On stories in the hope that, one day, he'd be asked to return and come up with one!
Two typical intriguing examples, elaborated in these memoirs: "Carry On Under The Pier If Wet", skewering two doughty British institutions, the seaside concert-party and boarding-house - and, most audacious of all, "Carry On Shylock Holmes."
More firsts revealed within these pages: Norman's frank and terse opinions about, among others, Ted Ray, Hattie Jacques, Joan SIms ("Did I sleep with her?"), Charles Hawtrey ("Do you believe in fairies?"), Kenneth Connor and Kenneth Williams and, in Hollywood, Elvis Presley, Robert Young, Anne Baxter, Erik Estrada, Joan Crawford and Harold Shmidlap ("Who's he?" Hint: legendary creator of the TV series "Frontier Accountant.")
Emerging, somewhat bewildered, but with a firm sense of comedy implanted in him by undergoing upbringing by a rather odd family, Norman felt compelled to seek substitute families to redress the balance: respectively as a young newspaperman, then serving airman in the WWII RAF, plus post-war film publicist and, finally, fully home, as a writer.
This autobiography, therefore, with a fitting foreword by Carry On producer Peter Rogers, is Norman Hudis in a succinct and delightful nutshell.
In his words: "I call the book NO LAUGHING MATTER as an understatement, because my life, beginning with the upbringing by my unconventional family, has actually been such a hysterical hoot, it's no great wonder that I write comedy. After all, let's face it, I've lived it."

Special Note: This book is only available as an eBook. An old edition of the paperback version carries the following ISBN: 978-1-906358-15-0.

About the Author: Norman Hudis, born 1922 started as a junior reporter and joined the RAF in the Second World War. Towards the end of his five-and-a-half years’ service, he was on the editorial staff of the Cairo-based Air Force News and travelling, as the war’s youngest war correspondent, the length and breadth of the Middle East .Post-war, aiming to become a playwright, he had a modest success with his first effort, Here Is The News – enough for Pinewood Studios to offer him a screenwriting contract. Then he went freelance as a prolific writer of B movies. Hudis-scripted, low-budget The Tommy Steele Story was a million-pound box-office success and Hudis was then offered a long-term contract by its producer Peter Rogers. With director Gerald Thomas at the helm, the Carry On production trio was complete, for the three of them went on to film Carry On Sergeant and five others, including the archetypal Carry On Nurse – top British box-office film of its year. Not so incidentally, Hudis is married to SRN, Rita. They have two sons, Stephen and Kevin.
Following the huge Carry On success, he moved to America in response to offers. There, he has written for The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Marcus Welby, Simon and Simon, Baretta (Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allan Poe Award), The Story of Esther (three awards), Hawaii Five-O, Cannon, etc. Hudis now works for producers in both countries.

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