Military Rule: The Return of the Mandeville
Front Cover
Mark S. Bennison

Political Thriller/Fiction

Brief Description: A writer uses his imagination to create intriguing characters and a gripping storyline, and author Mark had achieved this in creating his debut novel, Military Rule. But the boundary between imagination and reality is challenged beyond all belief when a character supposedly killed off in his book rises like a phoenix from the ashes: General Mandeville - no longer Mark’s creation but now completely beyond his control and his own, even more dangerous being, determined to be the Lord’s Second Coming and establish military rule on Earth under his command.
Mandeville has become the voice of Seeker One - formerly part of a covert long-term US military operation for gathering intelligence via infiltration of worldwide computer networks - two years ahead of Mark’s time, his aim to control Mark’s here and now and determine the future by revisiting the past and installing virtual beings on Earth - multiple selves of their human counterparts hooked up to terminals on Seeker One - to create confusion and influence humans’ thoughts and beliefs in his favour.
Suddenly author/character roles appear to have become reversed and Mark finds himself caught between two factions - the white-eyed of Mandeville’s Network and the red-eyed splinter group - representing the Lord and Allah respectively, each trying to influence Mark’s imagination of the truth and represent their own version of the book of revelations to humankind. Mark’s choices are no longer those of the author of a work of fiction: the path he takes now will literally determine the future of the world.

Special Note: This book is also available as an ebook.

About the Author: Mark S. Bennison was born in 1961 in the north of England, but has lived and worked in London for the last 29 years. He lives in Enfield and is married with two children. Military Rule: The Return of Mandeville is a sequel to Mark’s highly successful debut novel Military Rule published in 2006, both reflecting his strong feelings of discontent and anger towards unjust political systems and dictatorships.

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