Medium Rare
Front Cover
Liam Scott and Billy Roberts

Foreword by:
Lynsey de Paul


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Brief Description: Liam Scott is one of today’s best-known spiritual mediums, famed for his skill and no-nonsense approach.
Following the death of his father, Liam Scott moved to North London with his family at the age of eight. The years that followed saw him become a streetwise thug in the north London underworld, living a dangerous and unpredictable life.
After meeting his second wife his mediumistic abilities, first experienced as a child, began to assert themselves again. His life took a turn towards the spiritual as he honed his abilities in Spiritualist churches around the UK.
Now a successful stage medium and actor, starring in many films and television productions, Liam’s life continues to surprise and inspire those around him. He is, without a doubt, a Medium Rare.

Special Note: This book is now out of print.

About the Author: Billy Roberts, one of the UK’s leading stage psychics, has been mediumistic since he was a child and is both clairvoyant and clairaudient. Although initially he followed his dream as a guitarist in a rock band, supporting many of the great musical names of the 1960s, he had an encounter with the spirit world following a series of illnesses in 1969 and subsequently served in spiritualist churches all over the UK. In 1983 he founded The Thought Workshop in Liverpool, an innovative Centre for Psychic and Spiritual Studies and Alternative Therapies, which attracted many of the country’s major exponents of mediumship. Although The Thought Workshop was dissolved in 1998, Billy now travels all over the world lecturing, running workshops and performing stage shows. He writes a column for a monthly journal, The Psychic World, and has made several television appearances including a 20-week series called Secrets of the Paranormal on Cable TV. He has many books under his belt, including – his autobiography, As I Recall It: Living Beneath the Wings of Angels, The Great Paranormal Clash and Billy Roberts’ Ten Step Psychic Development Programme – and has produced a series of three videos entitled Billy Roberts Investigates the Paranormal.

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