The A-Z Spiritualism Dictionary
Front Cover
Philip Solomon

Foreword by:
Dr Hans Holzer and Alexandra Holzer


Brief Description: Today there is huge public interest in Spiritualism, the psychic world and the field of the paranormal. But as yet there is no clear and authoritative guide to its wide range of terminology.
The Dictionary is a comprehensive guide to the essential terms used in all aspects of Spiritualism and other psychic fields, written in simple everyday language. From important psychics and Spiritualists, to key concepts and terms, this book is an indispensible companion to Spiritualism and beyond, also covering the fields of parapsychology and psychical research in accessible fashion.
Also containing a handy reference list of Spiritualist churches and organisations worldwide.

Special Note: This book is also available as an eBook. An old edition of the paperback version carries the following ISBN: 978-1-782818-29-8.

About the Author: Philip Solomon is a highly acclaimed psychic consultant and medium (general and trance), astrologer, healer, broadcaster, trainer and lecturer, demonstrator of clairvoyance and mediumship, investigator of the paranormal, film-maker, musician and fund-raiser for various charitable causes. He has made many television and radio appearances and formerly worked for many years for BBC Radio at the Pebble Mill Studios in Birmingham as their astrologer and psychic consultant, and is also known as BBC Radio’s ‘Black Country Psychic’. He has written major features on all areas of the paranormal and the psychic world for the Midlands’ Sunday Mercury newspaper and for the last seven years has been a columnist for the top-selling Psychic News newspaper. In addition, he has been working as the Psychic Agony Uncle for Wolverhampton Express & Star, the most widely circulated evening newspaper in the UK, for the last few years. Philip currently presents his own radio show on Radio Wolverhampton.

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