Life Starts Now
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Maria Lawson


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Brief Description: Maria Lawson rose to fame on the hit TV show The X Factor in 2005 but had already enjoyed some success as a singer/songwriter prior to this, having secured a recording and publishing contract through her own efforts and determination to break into the music industry.
Life Starts Now follows Maria’s journey from hopeful unknown, through the audition process and beyond to her appearance on a major national television show, taking the reader behind the scenes to find out what really goes on inside the hit show.
This fascinating autobiography documents Maria’s early life and explains how this ambitious young girl from a humble background fulfilled her dream of TV stardom and recording success.
In this honest and heart warming account, Maria explains how she coped with the transition from obscurity to a life in the limelight only to come close to losing everything she worked so hard to achieve.
More recently, Maria has emerged stronger than ever, having overcome past setbacks to release an exciting second album Emotional Rollercoaster and has secured a record deal with a new label. The birth of her son has meant that she now has to fit her busy schedule around her most important role as a mother.
This book is not only an inspirational story, proving that it is possible for anyone to achieve their dreams, it is also a practical self help guide offering pregnancy and life skills advice based on Maria’s own experiences as an artist, businesswoman and new mum.

Special Note: This book is now out of print.

About the Author: Maria Lawson was brought up in North West London. The youngest of five children with an absentee father, she used singing as a means to escape from the reality of a home life where money was always in short supply.
Prior to her appearance on The X Factor, Maria had already secured a record deal and her first single A Night to Remember was used for a well known bingo advertisement. Maria also worked with successful recording artist Gabrielle on a variety of projects including hit single Out of Reach, from the soundtrack of the film Bridget Jones’ Diary. She also signed a lingerie deal in 2006 to become the face and body of Bravissimo, promoting curvaceous curves for women.
Maria’s performances on prime time TV increased her popularity and won her many new fans. She has since gone on to secure a record deal with Sony, releasing a top 20 single, as well as recording her first album.
Maria is married to Lawrence and they have one son, Brandon who was born in February 2008.

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