Left Hooks and Dangerous Crooks
Front Cover
Tel Currie

Foreword by:
Roy Shaw

True Crime

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Brief Description: Left Hooks and Dangerous Crooks is an explosive book that takes the reader on a thrilling journey from the birth of bare knuckle and unlicensed boxing to the present day and blows the whistle on the many myths and misrepresentations about the sport that have existed in the past.
As the criminal underworld has well known connections with the world of unlicensed boxing, the book also documents the close relationship between boxing and the hidden world of the gangland ‘faces’ and draws you into their violent, frightening and blood thirsty heart.
Author Tel Currie started out as fighter himself and has worked as a boxing promoter. He also moves amongst, and associates with, well known gangland names. Having so many villains and infamous characters as trusted friends means that he has first hand information available at his fingertips and is able to really tell it as it is.
No one understands the dark side of boxing better than Tel Currie as this gritty account proves. In this world, not only is fact stranger than fiction, it is often a lot more brutal!

Special Note: This book is now out of print.

About the Author: Tel Currie was born in Perivale, West London in 1972 and began his boxing career at 11 years old. Having enjoyed considerable success, he retired from the ring as an unbeaten amateur at the age of 20 and decided to channel his experience and talent as a fighter into teaching boxing.
Building on his reputation, he was successful in putting together his own stable of fighters to compete in the world of unlicensed boxing and repeatedly pulled in the crowds at Hammersmith Palais.
The criminal underworld has always maintained a close association with unlicensed boxing and during his time as a fighter and trainer, Currie has forged close connections with many key gangland figures. He counts among his close friends many well known names such as Charlie Richardson, Roy Shaw, Ronnie Knight, Howard Marks, Wilf Pine and Ronnie Biggs to name but a few. Having gained the trust and respect of these infamous characters, Currie understands the workings of the criminal underworld and is well placed to document and comment on this violent and predominantly hidden underside of life.
Tel Currie is also the co-author of Bouncers with Julian Davies and Heroes and Villians written in collaboration with notorious prison inmate Charlie Bronson.

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