A Touch From God: It's Only Rock and Roll
Front Cover
Del Newman

Foreword by:
Gordon Giltrap


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Brief Description: A Touch From God gives a fascinating insight into the working life of one of the great orchestral arrangers, Del Newman. During his 35-year career as a back-room boy, Del has worked on albums by Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Elton John, 10cc, Cat Stevens, Neil Sedaka, Art Garfunkel and many more artists representing wide-ranging musical genres, who have been gifted with ‘The Touch’, from the truly humble to the egomaniacs.
Del gives the reader a bird’s eye view of every aspect of his work as both as an orchestral arranger and conductor, sharing his personal observations about the popular music industry and its highs and lows, from musicians’ touring schedules, different cultural influences, studio sessions, stage shows, television advertising and technological advances to dubious management practices, stars’ insecurities, and dealing with confrontation and relationship difficulties.
This book is a great read for anyone with an interest in the music business and the characters that populate it, from classical musicians and singer-songwriters to the people behind the scenes, all working together and using their unique talents to weave the rich tapestry of their musical endeavours.

Special Note: This book is now out of print.

About the Author: Derrick Martin Newman (née Morrow) was born in London. His biological father was the eldest son of a West African chief, a medical doctor, and his mother was an Irish nurse. He was adopted by the Newman family, who couldn’t have children, when he was a few months old.
He studied cello and piano from the age of seven. After attending grammar school he entered the Royal Navy, and following his discharge he decided to pursue music above all else. He studied at London and Exeter universities and Trinity College of Music in London, where he concentrated on composition and conducting.
He was also a pupil of Elizabeth Lutyens and Antal Doráti. A chance meeting changed his musical direction, which allowed him to write orchestrations for a number of popular genres, but on retirement he returned to his first love, the composition of serious works.

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