The Half a Million Pound Girl: The Autobiography of Sarah Burge
Front Cover
Sarah Burge and Derek Clements

Foreword by:
Alley Einstein


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Brief Description: Sarah Burge has led no ordinary life. Perhaps better known as the ‘Real Life Barbie’ because of her extensive plastic surgery, Sarah has recently become a darling of the press but her life has by no means always been easy. The Half a Million Pound Girl documents Sarah’s life from aspiring Italia Conti student, through a spell as a prostitute and beautician, making-up dead bodies in a funeral parlour, to training as a beauty consultant and having £500,000 worth of plastic surgery. Sarah’s rollercoaster ride of a book also describes her dangerous affair with the married Arab who almost killed her, sleeping with George Best and her liaison with a vicar. She also spills the beans about her bizarre relationship with Hollywood actor Telly Savalas and how she got used to the high life whilst working as a Playboy Bunny. In this honest account, Sarah describes meeting first husband, John, how he abducted their daughter after the relationship broke down and how the wedding photographs from her second marriage prompted her to have her first cosmetic operation. These days, Sarah is an international celebrity and has appeared in the press and on TV and radio in the UK, Japan, Europe and Australia. She is a qualified Harley Street consultant and is in constant demand for interviews and photoshoots. This no holds barred autobiography is the story of a true survivor and a remarkable woman whose warmth and humour have enabled her to repeatedly triumph over adversity.

Special Note: This book is now out of print.

About the Author: Sarah Burge: Sarah Burge grew up in Croydon during the 1960s. Her first experience of life in the limelight came when her policeman father famously arrested John Lennon for drug possession. Sarah attended the Italia Conti stage school with contemporaries Lena Zavaroni, Leslie Ash, Tracey Ullman, Peter Duncan and David Van Day. However, the beautiful but naïve teenager fell prey to the charms of a man who groomed her as a teenage prostitute. At 17, Sarah became a Playboy Bunny and enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle for a while until it emerged that she was underage. The next few years saw Sarah appearing as a key witness at her property developer boss’s trial, working as a lapdancer and making up bodies in a funeral parlour. A turbulent period in Sarah’s life then followed during which time she was badly beaten by a married Arabian boyfriend, was wrongly diagnosed with MS, had an affair with a vicar and her beloved brother Hollywood actor Trevor Goddard died. Sarah went on to take her beauty qualifications and became a living advert for a cosmetic surgery business, undergoing numerous operations. When news of Sarah’s extensive plastic surgery broke in the media, during a benefits fraud case, she became dubbed the ‘Real Life Barbie’. The press couldn’t get enough of her. Today, Sarah has an international profile having appeared in the press, on TV and radio in several countries. A qualified Harley Street consultant, Sarah has worked alongside prominent surgeons for many years. She runs her own beauty practice and is the founder of online magazine Sarah lives in Cambridgeshire with her husband Tony and has three daughters. She campaigns against domestic violence and intends to donate a portion of the profits from her autobiography to charity. You can find out more about Sarah by visiting
Derek Clements: Derek Clements enjoyed a successful career as a journalist for many years before leaving the profession in 2008 to try his hand at writing books. In the past Derek has worked for many of the country’s leading newspapers, including 12 years spent with The Sunday Times. Since making the decision to leave journalism, Derek has been busy working on several exciting projects including ghostwriting ‘Working With Children and Animals’ with actress Liza Goddard. Derek was born in Glasgow but now lives in Suffolk with his wife. He has one grown-up son.

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