Daffy: The Autobiography of Phil DeFreitas
Front Cover
Phil DeFreitas and Derek Clements

Foreword by:
Sir Trevor McDonald OBE


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Brief Description: Ex England cricketer Phillip 'Daffy' DeFreitas has had an incredible career but his rise to fame wasn’t straightforward.
In his autobiography, the man who was described as ‘the next Botham’ reveals his struggle to establish himself as a cricketer, being repeatedly overlooked because he went to the ‘wrong sort of school’. He also talks about the racial abuse he suffered and the impact it has had on his life.
Despite these setbacks, Phil went on to have a successful career in county cricket and established himself as one of the best ‘all-rounders’ as an England player in Test cricket. He has played with, and against, some of the biggest names in the game and he has stories to tell about most of them.
In this explosive book, Phil not only lifts the lid on the cricket world but also tells about his experiences with his hard drinking idol, Ian Botham, and what they got up to with well known hell-raiser and close friend, Phil Tufnell.
Phil also talks about meeting the Queen and Mother Teresa, and his unlikely friendship with pop legend Elton John. He reveals the sensational truth about his love life; how he got married for the first time when he was 21, took full advantage of his popularity with the ladies when he played for England and later fathered a love child.
This frank autobiography provides a behind the scenes peek at the world of international cricket and will appeal to anyone with an interest in the sport or who loves a good true life story.

Special Note: This book is now out of print.

About the Author: Phil DeFreitas: Phillip DeFreitas was born in Dominica but came to England as a boy and regards himself as English. ‘Daffy’ as he became known, found it hard to break into the game but went on to become a leading all-round cricketer.
During his career Phil played county cricket for Lancashire and captained Leicestershire and Derbyshire. Between 1986 and 1996, he regularly played for England and overall played 44 Tests, taking 140 wickets and scoring 934 runs. His best Test score with the bat was 88 and his best bowling figures were seven for 70.
Phil had a long playing career, one that took in 372 first-class matches and saw him take more than 1,200 wickets but is probably best remembered for his role in the winning 1986/7 Ashes series - the last time that England won ‘down under’.
Phil retired from cricket in 2005, at 39 years old. He is now a professional cricket coach and is a popular choice for after dinner speaking, Q&A sessions, golf days and guest appearances.
Derek Clements: Derek Clements enjoyed a successful career as a journalist before deciding to retire from the profession in 2008 to try his hand at writing books.
In the past Derek has worked for many of the country’s leading newspapers, including 12 years spent with The Sunday Times.
Since making the decision to leave journalism, Derek has been busy working on several exciting projects including ghostwriting The Half a Million Pound Girl with Sarah Burge and Being Liza with actress Liza Goddard.
Derek was born in Glasgow but now lives in Suffolk with his wife. He has one grown-up son.

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Author, Phillip DeFreitas has his own website: www.daffydefreitas.com