In Search of Running Rein: The Amazing Fraud of the 1844 Derby
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Tony Byles

Foreword by:
Tony Morris

Sport/Horse Racing

Brief Description: The Epsom Derby, established back in 1780 for three-year-old thoroughbred colts and fillies, is today considered to be the most prestigious of the five Classics of the racing calendar, but there was nothing noble about the notorious Derby held in 1844. Marred by horse switching allegations, false age declarations, devious ownership transferrals and nobbling, it was set to become the most scandalous event in the history of the Turf.
Drawing on a wide range of publications, newspaper articles, Jockey Club inquiry documentation and court evidence records, this book traces the web of deceit surrounding the original but subsequently disqualified 1844 Derby winner, Running Rein, and the audacious plan orchestrated by a certain Abraham Levi Goodman to ensure, by any underhand means at his disposal, that the Derby victory would be his, not for the glory of winning but as a monstrous betting coup.
Twists and turns abound in the claims, counter-claims and conflicting witness statements when the case goes to trial, as attempts are made to determine the age and identity of the horse purported to be Running Rein, and this intriguing story provides a fascinating insight into the world of horse racing and betting, where the stakes are high and the unscrupulous are prepared to do anything to protect their own interests, with little regard for the impact of their actions on the reputation of the sport.

Special Note: This book is only available as an eBook. The hardback and paperback versions of this book are now out of print.

About the Author: Although he now lives in Madeley, near Ironbridge, Shropshire, Tony Byles was born and bred in West Drayton, London, growing up in the family home that his grandfather had built on the old West Drayton racecourse (1865-76). His love of the horse started at an early age, his first memory of the Derby being in 1946 when his father won £50 on Airborne. Long before the 1950s golden age of horse racing, he became fascinated with the history of the thoroughbred racehorse, culminating in the penning of his first book, In Search of Running Rein. His favourite racecourse is Newmarket, where he has been a member for a number of years.

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