All at Sea with Truffles: The Fat Tabby Cat Goes Cruising
Front Cover
Sheila Collins

Foreword by:
Ann Widdecombe


Brief Description: Truffles, the celebrity tabby cat of mature years (it would be far too impolite to state her exact age here), puts pen to paper once again to share her unique and delightfully amusing observations of the human world around her, this time embarking on a totally new adventure on the ocean waves, finding her sea paws as she sets sail on a luxury (as befits a superior and sophisticated feline) ship with cruise aficionado Sheila, her long-term carer and provider of every possible need.
New sights, sounds, smells, tastes and experiences face Truffles at every turn, from the tiresome car journey and undignified customs procedures to the mystifying and sometimes frightening onboard facilities and activities. Allowed to leave her stateroom to peruse all the non-eating areas - on a lead with matching collar, of course, and wearing a purrfectly preened catsuit - Truffles revels in being the centre of attention, maintaining an outward air of decorum at all times, even when her nine lives are tested to the core.
A fantastic insight into the mind of a cat and the puzzles and mysteries created by events and practices that we all take for granted without question, and also a tantalising taster for those humans that haven’t yet been tempted by the cruising lifestyle. One thing’s for sure: Truffles can highly recommend it (oh, and Sheila, too)!

Special Note: This book is also available as an eBook. An old edition of the paperback version carries the following ISBN: 978-1-782818-23-6.
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About the Author: Orignally from Croydon, Sheila Collins now lives in Cornwall. She is a cat lover and, since taking early retirement from her career as a PA/Secretary, she has written a popular series of humorous books,"Truffles' Diaries", looking at life from her cat's point of view. Sheila has been hooked on cruising for the past twenty years and so Truffles has been resurrected and persuaded to put paw to paper again giving us her own unique take on the type of holiday millions of us enjoy!

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