101 Ways to Keep A Man: Life Sucks When A Girlfriend Doesn't
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Emiliana Silvestri

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Brief Description: Would you like to have a better understanding of what makes a man tick? Do you want to know the best way to attract the ideal man for you - and how to hold on to him? Are you looking to rekindle the flame of an existing relationship? If so, 101 Ways to Keep a Man is all you need.
In this exciting new book, relationship guru Emiliana Silvestri offers honest advice on how to improve relationships between men and women. Written in an easy-to-read, light-hearted style, the book takes you through all the different stages of a relationship from first meeting to long-term partnership. The author suggests ways to avoid arguments and pitfalls, retain the initial interest in each other and how to prevent him from wanting to stray.
Designed as a love guide for a modern generation, this book aims to help both sexes stay happy and get the most from their relationships. A must-have book for anyone looking for love or interested in learning more about men and the way they think.

Special Note: This book is now out of print.

About the Author: Emiliana Silvestri is an expert on relationships between men and women. In the past, Emiliana has worked as a dating and relationship guru and has had firsthand experience of the problems faced by couples who are experiencing difficulties.
An integral part of Emiliana’s research involved working as an undercover ‘honey-trapper’, a role that saw her become the UK’s number one in this field and gaining international recognition. Emiliana has cyber dated 100 men from over 50 countries in her bid to understand men the world over and in her own words ‘has never been dumped!’
Previously a published writer, 101 Ways to Keep a Man is her first book.

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Publication Date:18 October 2011
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