The Quizmaster's Companion to Film and Television
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Bill Hodgson


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Brief Description: Are you a television and film aficionado? Maybe you are a quizmaster responsible for organising quiz nights and are looking for new material? Or do you simply have a keen interest in film and TV history? Whatever your reason for choosing this book, if film and TV is your passion, you will love The Quizmaster’s Companion to Film and Television.
In which 1966 James Coburn film did Harrison Ford make an uncredited appearance as a bellhop? Who starred in the title role of the long running TV series Dr Kildare? What is the name of the composer whose soundtrack credits include Jurassic Park, Jaws and Schindler’s List? The answers to all these questions and more can be found in this exciting new quiz book.
With 200 quiz ‘rounds’ comprising 10 concise, thought-provoking questions, this book has been designed to emulate the format of a ‘real life’ quiz night. There are sections on a wide variety of related topics including great movie flops, British TV sitcoms, film noir, 21st century drama and much more.
This book is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment and is a must-have for all television and film enthusiasts.

Special Note: This book is now out of print. The eBook version of this book is no longer available.

About the Author: Bill Hodgson is a writer, publicicist and events organiser. He is a founding member of the McGuffin Film Society, which promotes arthouse and cult cinema screenings in London. He is also the creator of the McGuffins Film and TV Quiz, one of the capital’s longest running and most popular quiz nights, described by the Evening Standard as ‘London’s best film quiz’.
Bill has written extensively on the subjects of cinema, heritage and architecture across a range of titles. His films include the acclaimed documentary Alfred Hitchcock in East London. He is currently working on a series of film quizzes to be presented at London’s Victoria and Album Museum in the summer of 2011.

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