The Official Charles Bronson Quiz Book: 100 Questions on the Infamous Prisoner
Front Cover
Chris Cowlin

Foreword by:
Mark Peterson

True Crime/General Interest

Brief Description: Charles Bronson is undoubtedly the most notorious prisoner in Britain and is not only a household name but also as much of an institution as the multitude of Her Majesty’s establishments whose doors he has graced over the last 37 years, most of that time spent in solitary confinement.
A film about Charlie’s life and several no-holds-barred autobiographies have allowed us many interesting insights into the real man behind the myths – the fitness fanatic, the poet, the artist, the philosopher and the comic, to name but a few of his myriad faces. So these 100 quiz questions should be more of short brain stretch than a life sentence.
Charlie remains in solitary in Wakefield Prison, having had parole refused time and time again. He still dreams of that day of freedom and, together with his friends and well-wishers, will keep fighting for life outside ‘the cage’. These quiz questions, however testing, will ensure that Charlie secures a place at the forefront of our minds and is never forgotten.

Special Note: This book is only available as an ebook. All of the author's royalties will be donated to Zoë's Place Baby Hospice (50%) and The Charles Bronson Appeal Fund (50%).

About the Author: Chris Cowlin has compiled over sixty quiz books and has raised thousands of pounds for various charities with the sales of his books. He has compiled books on football clubs, cricket, British television sitcoms, reality television the Carry On films and many pop stars. Chris has visited Charles Bronson on two occasions at Wakefield Prison, in September 2007 and then again in August 2010. He also provided the foreword to Bronson's most unique true crime title 'Prison Diaries', which was released in August 2011.

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Publication Date:7 August 2011
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