My Beautiful Bahrain: A collection of short stories and poetry about life and living in Bahrain
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Robin Barratt

Short Stories/Poetry

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Brief Description: "Bahrain is beautiful, for many reasons- but it is mainly beautiful, in my eyes, because it is a country that embraces. The historical and cultural metamorphosis of this island is reflected in the aggregate of identities, accents and mini-cultures. Like the pearl, Bahrain has many layers and that only further adds to its lustre. The past attests to its present and the future is silent in waiting for its becoming." Nawf T. Al-Bassam.
Bahrain's beauty is not aesthetic, it is not visual - it's beauty is much deeper, hidden, and much more personal. In this way, and to many people, Bahrain is beautiful. And, as many of the stories in this book will demonstrate, Bahrain's beauty is fundamentally the subtle, gentle beauty of the island, it's way of life and the friendliness and compassion and openness and warmth of it's people. With lots of fascinating personal 'life' stories, quite a few tourist-type information and fact based contributions, some wonderful poetry, an occasional piece of fiction (set on the island) and a mixture of other diverse and captivating prose, with fifty contributions from forty writers from fifteen countries, My Beautiful Bahrain is both varied and unique, and an undeniably indispensable guide for travellers and visitors to the island, as well as a 'must-read' book for people living here, doing business here, or just interested in what life is like living on this tiny, tiny island in the Arabian Gulf.

Special Note: This book is now out of print. The eBook version of this book is no longer available.

About the Author: As a writer, Robin Barratt has written a large number of articles and editorials for a huge range of commercial, mainstream and business publications worldwide; from luxury lifestyle to banking and rural life, and was recently Bahrain Country Editor for Sur la Terre magazine. As an author Robin has developed a strong readership profile within the non-fiction, true crime genre specialising in books about security, nightclubs, bouncers, bodyguards, gangsters and other tough guys! He wrote his first book Doing the Doors in 2004, which is now a genre best-seller, and have since gone on to write Confessions of a Doorman, Bouncers and Bodyguards, Respect and Reputation (co-authored with the UK's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson) and The Mammoth Book of Hard Bastards. He has also published and edited Protection News magazine for the close protection community, The Circuit, an on-line magazine for the British Bodyguard Association, and On The Doors - the only magazine in the world dedicated exclusively to Door Supervision. Robin currently lives in Bahrain where he formed the Bahrain Writers' Circle, now the biggest group of international writers on the island, and where he got the inspiration to put together a book from some of the islands best writers about living and life here.

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Publication Date:7 February 2012
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