101 Things You May Not Have Known About Gaelic Football
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John DT White

Sport/Gaelic Football

Brief Description: 101 Things You May Not Have Known About Gaelic Football is the definitive guide to All-Ireland Senior Football in Ireland. In this e-book the reader will be taken on a magical journey back in time with the formation of the Gaelic Athletic Association in 1884; the first All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final; the history of the famous Sam Maguire Cup; a look at the man considered to be the father of the GAA, Michael Cusack; All-Ireland Senior Champions; GAA All-Star Awards; GAA Team of the Century; GAA Team of the Millennium; the American All-Ireland Final; bans; Croke Park; Bloody Sunday; Tim Clarke Cup; Tommy Markham Cup; Railway Cup; Tommy Murphy Cup; All-Ireland Minor Champions; historic sides; legendary players and so much more. No matter what County you hail from this e-book will test your knowledge and that of your friends to find out just what you know about Ireland’s No.1 sport.

Special Note: This book is only available as an ebook.

About the Author: John DT White has been a sports fan since he was able to kick a ball around the streets of Belfast. George Best was his boyhood hero and has supported Manchester United all his life. The author currently lives in Belfast with his wife Janice and his two sons, Marc and Paul.

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Publication Date:11 April 2012
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