The Classical Music Quiz Book: 250 Classical Music Teasers
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Maggie Cotton


Brief Description: Do you enjoy listening to classical music? Are you familiar with well-known composers and the music they created? Can you tell the difference between Boccherini and Birtwistle, or maybe you would like to be able to? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are certain to enjoy The Classical Music Quiz Book.
The 250 questions in this book have been put together to test your knowledge of all the best-loved composers and their work and the simple quiz format makes it a fun and easy way to learn more about classical music. There are sections on famous concert halls, films and film scores, instruments, dances and arias, as well as the many brilliant composers and the timeless pieces of music they will be remembered for.
This quiz book is a light-hearted way to teach yourself more about the great composers and their music or find out how much you already know. This is a must-have for anyone who appreciates classical music or would simply like to be better informed about the genre.

Special Note: This book is only available as an ebook.

About the Author: Maggie Cotton was born in Yorkshire in 1937 and has devoured music since her very early pianistic beginnings as a child. In the late 1950s, three years after leaving school, she trail-blazed her way into the male-dominated profession of symphony orchestra musician, landing herself a contract as a percussionist with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Since retirement, having played for the orchestra for forty years (eighteen with Simon Rattle), she has also worked as a music critic, and has at last gathered her experiences, from a player’s perspective, of the colourful and deeply satisfying world of the professional symphony orchestra in her autobiography Wrong Sex, Wrong Instrument. Maggie's other published books are 'Percussion Work Book' and 'Agogo Bells to Xylophone'.

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Publication Date:27 August 2012
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