The Brilliant General Knowledge Quiz Book 2: Test Your General Knowledge!
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Kevin Snelgrove

General Interest

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Brief Description: Are you a pub quiz fan? Do you enjoy learning about different things? Or maybe you just want to find out how much you know about the world we live in? Both fun and educational, this book is guaranteed to teach you something new.
Who was President of the United States of America from 1861 to 1865? What five ingredients do you need to make a Pina Colada? Which English city was the first to have Braille signs in its shopping malls? If you think you know the answers to these questions, or would like to find out, this quiz book is for you.
With 100 challenging questions on a variety of topics, including films, science, geography, sport, history, food and drink, there is something to please all ages. You’ll never realise how much you don’t know until you have tried to answer the brain teasers in this book. Whether you are looking to broaden your general knowledge or gen up for the next quiz night this book is all you need.

Special Note: This book is only available as an ebook.

About the Author: Kevin Snelgrove was born in 1960 in Frome, a small town in the countryside of East Somerset. Kevin's first published book was 'The Official Carry On Facts, Figures & Statistics', he then went on to compile many quiz books on sport, music and entertainment.

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Publication Date:18 September 2012
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