My Crazy Days as a Young Offender
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Justin Rollins

True Crime

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Brief Description: Justin Rollins spent the formative days of his youth out on the streets, the leader of a feared gang. As the level of violence increased, Rollins behaviour became more unpredictable and, aged 18, he attacked two men with a meat cleaver on the London Underground and was detained in a prison for young offenders.
Diagnosed as having ‘Borderline personality Disorder’ but starved of the psychiatric and emotional support he needed, Rollins plunged into a nightmare of OCD, paranoia and self-harming. In prison, his behaviour became increasingly violent and unpredictable as he descended into madness.
Moving, honest and frequently shocking, My Crazy Days as a Young Offender will have you gripped from the outset. The book details how Rollins feels he was failed by the system and left on his own to survive in prison where he mixed with some of the most evil and hated men in the UK.
This is the story of one man’s struggle to find his identity, deal with his anger and find an alternative way to live. This book will appeal to anyone with an interest in true crime and who would like to find out what really goes on inside Britain’s prisons.

Special Note: This book is now out of print. The eBook version of this book is no longer available.

About the Author: Justin Rollins grew up in an all-white family, displaced and alienated from his mixed race roots. This confusion about his identity, together with abuse he suffered at the hands of a childminder aged five, led to severe behavioural difficulties. By the age of 14, Rollins was a gang leader, living a feral and lawless existence on the streets.
Aged 18, Rollins was arrested for a violent attack on two men on the London Underground and given a custodial sentence. Prison life fuelled Rollins’ anxiety and paranoia and he began to self-harm. After his release Rollins found himself back on the streets with no means to support his pregnant girlfriend and he quickly reverted to a life of crime.
Rollins increasingly wild and unstable behaviour led to him being severely beaten by a mob outside a nightclub when he thought he might die. The incident served as a wake-up call and Rollins began to see a counsellor who helped him to address the reasons for his violent behaviour and come to terms with his past.
Today, Rollins has turned his back on crime, doesn’t drink and has a new life as an author. His first book The Lost Boyz: A Dark Side of Graffiti was published in 2011.

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Publication Date:20 September 2012
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