The Reluctant Counterpuncher: And Other Tales From the Graybar Hotel
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Noel 'Razor' Smith

True Crime

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Brief Description: By his own admission, Noel ‘Razor’ Smith has had a violent past. He was locked up for his crimes and during the early days of his 33 years in prison, he could barely read or write let alone pen a book. However, a personal tragedy made him decide to seek an alternative path and he began to learn new skills and turned his hand to writing.
The Reluctant Counterpuncher and Other Tales from the Graybar Hotel is a series of stories written by Razor whilst behind bars in prisons throughout the UK. It is a gritty look at the criminal underside of life and many of the incidents described are based on real characters and events. Through the years Razor has met and mixed with hardened criminals both inside and outside of the prison gates and few authors are better placed to write with such authority about the antics of the criminal underworld.
A gritty and compelling read by an ex-con who knows what life is really like on the wrong side of the tracks.

Special Note: This book is now out of print.

About the Author: Noel 'Razor' Smith.

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Publication Date:22 October 2012
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