The Brilliant General Knowledge Quiz Book 3: Test Your General Knowledge!
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Kevin Snelgrove

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Brief Description: In what year did Concorde 001 first take off from Toulouse? What did the African country of Zaire change its name to in 1997? What popular sweet was invented by Frank Fleer in 1906? If you would like to know the answers to these brain-teasers and more like them take a look at The Brilliant General Knowledge Quiz Book.
Find out how much you know about everyday things and the world we live in with the 100 testing questions in this book. Full of interesting facts and covering a range of topics including sport, history, geography, science, films and celebrities, this book provides a fun and easy way to learn. Whether you want to help the kids with their homework, challenge your friends or set the questions for the next pub quiz, this book is just all you need to improve your general knowledge.
So if you have always wanted to know who invented the World Wide Web or the number of players in a water polo team this is the book for you.

Special Note: This book is only available as an ebook.

About the Author: Kevin Snelgrove was born in 1960 in Frome, a small town in the countryside of East Somerset. Kevin's first published book was 'The Official Carry On Facts, Figures & Statistics', he then went on to compile many quiz books on sport, music and entertainment.

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Publication Date:14 November 2012
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