Wine: 101 Truths, Myths and Legends
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Roddy Button and Mike Oliver

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Brief Description: Are you a wine connoisseur? Do you prefer to try different makes and vintages or do you have a firm favourite? At the weekend, do you like to open a bottle (or two!) to enjoy with family and friends? Whatever your wine drinking habits, if you like wine, you are certain to enjoy this new trivia book.
Do you know how the American ‘Starboard’ wine came to be named? What did the eminent scientist William Lemeck discover about champagne? Who said, “Whether wine is a nourishment, medicine or poison is a matter of dosage.”? The answers can all be found in Wine – 101 Truths, Myths and Legends.
With sections on names of wines, champagne, colour, history, labels, quotes, cost, and much more, you can’t help but find out some fascinating new facts about wine and the myths and legends surrounding it.
Whether red, white or rose is your tipple, and even if you only ever drink champagne, if you like wine and are interested in the facts and figures associated with its production, you won’t want to without this book.

Special Note: This book is only available as an ebook.

About the Author: Roddy Button: Roddy started his career working for a centuries-old wine company in Bristol. His responsibilities included the enjoyable task of decanting and tasting wines from the ‘Directors Bin’, some of which dated back to the late 19th century.
When the business was taken over by a large wine and spirit company, Roddy moved to London to work on the marketing and advertising of various wine and spirit products.
Having successfully completed all the Wine and Spirit Education Trust’s exam courses, right through to Diploma, Roddy is now an AIWS, Associate member of the Institute of Wines and Spirits.
Roddy is passionate about wine and, along with Mike Oliver, his co-author of 'Wine: 101 Truths, Myths and Legends', regularly attends international wine tastings in London, as well as travelling every year to different wine regions to meet producers and taste their wines.
Mike Oliver: Mike’s interest in wine began at university where he was a member of the wine tasting team, a role that sparked a lifelong involvement in the wine trade.
During his career, Mike has advertised many international brands of wines and spirits, a position which has regularly brought him into in close contact with international wine producers.
He frequently takes part in trade and consumer wine tastings in London and, on one occasion, narrowly lost out on the Wine Taster of the Year award to well-known wine expert Oz Clarke. Mike’s passion for wine has made him an enthusiastic collector of both new and antique wine books.
With his co-author of 'Wine: 101 Truths, Myths and Legends', Roddy Button, Mike makes regular trips abroad to visit wine regions and meet wine makers, from local farmers to internationally celebrated estates and families.
Roddy and Mike had their first book 'The Wine Quiz Book' published last year, published by Apex Publishing Ltd.

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Publication Date:24 February 2013
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