Beat Depression with Self Help Techniques
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Andrew Vass


Brief Description: Facing difficult situations is part of our everyday lives, but we can easily feel overwhelmed and become drawn into a depressive state. However, this book illustrates that, by using a range of self-counselling techniques to explore our inner world of thoughts and feelings, it is possible to overcome our problems and move on.
Through a logical sequence of chapters, each containing a series of tasks, role-playing examples, illuminative illustrations, challenging questions and useful self-help exercises, the reader will gain a practical understanding of the different counselling techniques and the power and effectiveness of cognitive and rational emotive behavioural therapies.
Tackling a wide range of issues, including relationship problems, bringing up children, bullying, work pressures, stress, anger, grief, morale and assertiveness, this down-to-earth guide to dealing with depression represents an essential DIY kit for achieving a more positive and healthy outlook on life.

Special Note: This book is also available as an eBook. An old edition of the paperback version carries the following ISBN: 978-1-904444-25-1.

About the Author: Andrew Vass has been a teacher of history, guidance and enterprise in Edinburgh since 1980. He is also a part-time lecturer in counselling and self-help therapies, both keen interests for many years, and writes historical features for the Highland press. He has two grown-up sons and an extended family who are an extremely important part of his life. However, his main aim at the moment is to recover from writer’s cramp and make time for jogging!

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