Saturday Rock Dog
Front Cover
Janet Lee


Brief Description: Fifteen-year-old Lucas’s parents are completely unlike those of his friends. Whilst most mums and dads are into gardening or baking, Lucas’s parents like listening to rock music – at full volume. Lucas’s mates all enjoy spending time in his unconventional household, especially when Lucas brings home his dog, Cuch, from the rescue centre.
When Grace, one of Lucas’s friends comes round to meet Cuch, she is surprised to discover the dog apparently headbanging in time to ‘The Final Countdown’. Cuch, it seems, is a real rock dog and after Lucas’s parents post clips of him dancing on YouTube the world wants to see more. After his surprise appearance at local rock club, Cuch is dubbed ‘Saturday Rock Dog’ and an article about him in the local newspaper spreads word about the amazing dancing dog. Then a letter arrives from Cuch’s previous owner who asks to be reunited with his old pet and Lucas fears for the future. Little does he know that everyone’s life is about to change beyond recognition.
Saturday Rock Dog is an uplifting and imaginative novel for a modern generation that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Special Note: This book is only available as an ebook. Illustrated by Stacy Jordan.

About the Author: Janet Lee.

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Publication Date:29 August 2013
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