101 Interesting Facts on Everton: Learn About the Boys From Goodison Park
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Andy Groom


Brief Description: Do you support Everton FC? Have you cheered the team to victory as they scored the winning goal in an important match? Do you know all there is to know about the club’s long and successful history or would you like to find out more about your favourite football team? If you are a true Blues fan you are certain to want this new book, 101 Interesting Facts on Everton.
Packed full of information about the boys from Goodison Park and a fun read for all the family, this book covers every aspect of the club, past and present. Learn more about the great players, managers, opponents and all those golden moments that have helped to make Everton great. Gen up with the 101 facts in this book and impress your mates with how much you know about The People’s Club. This is a must-have book for all Blues fans and anyone with an interest in top flight football.

Special Note: This book is only available as an ebook.

About the Author: Andy Groom was born in 1978. Encouraged by his family, Andy played football from an early age and accompanied his mum and dad to watch Everton play. As a youngster, Andy enjoyed drawing and would spend his school days doodling the Everton badge and sketching players.
As a lifelong Everton fan, Andy has supported the team through good times and bad, making the journey to Goodison and beyond over the years, to witness the team’s triumphs and disappointments.
Andy is also the author of 'England’s World Cup Story: From Winterbottom’s 1950 to Capello’s 2010' and 'The Illustrated Everton History', both published by Apex Publishing Ltd.

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Publication Date:6 April 2014
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