101 Quirky Observations on Classical Music
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Maggie Cotton

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Brief Description: Are you a fan of classical music? Can you name all the well-known composers, conductors and the compositions they are associated with? Or perhaps, you would like to learn more about them? If so, you are certain to enjoy the quotes and musical miscellany in 101 Quirky Observations on Classical Music.
Who defined music as ‘a science that would have us laugh and sing and dance’? Which composer said, ‘the trombones are too sacred for frequent use’? What writer requested, ‘please do not shoot the pianist, he is doing his best’? The answers to these questions and similar brain-teasers can all be found inside this book.
With sections on composers, compositions, instruments, orchestras and their musicians, conductors, soloists and opera as well as much more classical music related trivia, this book has something for everyone.
This book is a great way to find out more about classical music and those who have been involved in writing, playing and performing it through the years. This is a must-have for anyone who listens to, plays or appreciates classical music.

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About the Author: Maggie Cotton was born in Yorkshire in 1937 and has devoured music since her very early pianistic beginnings as a child. In the late 1950s, three years after leaving school, she trail-blazed her way into the male-dominated profession of symphony orchestra musician, landing herself a contract as a percussionist with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Since retirement, having played for the orchestra for forty years (eighteen with Simon Rattle), she has also worked as a music critic, and has at last gathered her experiences, from a player’s perspective, of the colourful and deeply satisfying world of the professional symphony orchestra in her autobiography 'Wrong Sex, Wrong Instrument'. Maggie's other published books are 'Percussion Work Book', 'Agogo Bells to Xylophone' and 'The Classical Music Quiz Book'.

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Publication Date:5 December 2013
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