The Ghosts, Ghouls and Gore Quiz Book: Test Your Spooktacular Knowledge
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Philip Solomon

Foreword by:
Sue Ricketts


Sorry this book is Out Of Print

Brief Description: Are you fascinated by the paranormal? Do you get a tingle in your spine watching TV programmes about ghosts, hauntings and the unexplained? Are you daring enough to find out more about these strange occurrences? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you are certain to enjoy this new quiz book.
Which ship was found floating, apparently abandoned with no crew whatsoever, in 1872? What letters are found on the Ouija Board and when was it invented? How did ghost hunters historically make use of invisible thread? The answers to these spooky brain-teasers and many more can all be found inside this quiz book.
With 250 questions about Royal hauntings, Shakespeare’s ghosts, the Harry Potter phenomenon, ghost hunters’ equipment, paranormal terms, ghostly music, mysterious happenings and psychic societies, there is something for everyone. If you are interested in learning about things that go bump in the night, you won’t want to be without The Ghosts, Ghouls and Gore Quiz Book. Dip inside – if you think you are brave enough!

Special Note: This book is now out of print. The eBook version of this book is no longer available.

About the Author: Philip Solomon was born in Wolverhampton in 1959. He is a multi-published author, broadcaster and well-respected psychic medium.
Philip has written features for Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune, Psychic World, Psychic News, Haunted magazine, Express & Star and many other national and international publications. He also writes about sport and self-improvement techniques.
Philip has also worked in radio and television for many years as a broadcaster and celebrity guest for the BBC and other similar organisations. He has his own radio show called Philip Solomon's Music and Memories and is currently developing his career as an executive producer in film and TV documentaries.
Philip is the author of 20 published books to date.

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Publication Date:28 April 2014
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