Life After Kes: An anthology of the film Kes
Front Cover
Simon W. Golding

Foreword by:
Melanie Sykes


Brief Description: Life After Kes examines the history and legacy of the 1969 award-winning British film, Kes, about a boy’s (Billy Casper) relationship with a kestrel.
This fascinating book not only pays homage to the vision and extraordinary talent involved both in front and behind the camera but also looks at subsequent changes in the educational system, posing some important questions. Are we any better off today? Have schools and teaching staff moved forward over the last few decades? Have successive government’s learnt anything from the mistakes of the past?
Life After Kes explores the lives of the cast and production team since the making of the film including David (Dai) Bradley who played the lead role and examines why the legacy of Billy Casper and the national perception of Kes cast a shadow over South Yorkshire. Does Casper’s ghost still haunt this ex-mining community and is director Ken Loach’s gritty northern drama as relevant today as it was then? This book is a must-have for all film fans, anyone who enjoyed Kes and all those with an interest in British social history.

Special Note: This book is also available as an eBook.

About the Author: Simon W. Golding began his career writing for national magazines and radio including Radio 4’s News Hudlines and Week Ending. In 1995, he wrote Manquito establishing himself as a novelist and a move into non-fiction saw the publication of the revised edition of the best-seller Killing Time. The author subsequently signed as a screenwriter with Eighth Region Productions to write a trilogy of big budget scripts.
Simon is currently co-producing the first TV comedy series he penned, For the Love of Ella, for Salopian Films, starring Ewen MacIntosh (big Keith in The Office), actress Lucy Drive and actor/presenter Alex Reid. He has also been writing a show with comedienne/actress/writer Helen Lederer, Helen Lederer asks… WTF? (Why The Fuss?) which opened in London to sell-out performances.
In addition, Simon has appeared in The Culture Show, Saturday Night Live with Lenny Henry and The Time, The Place, presented by John Stapleton. His writing credits include BBC series The Culture Show and he also contributed to the 1997 documentary A Personal History of British Cinema by Stephen Frears.
Simon is co-managing director at Salopian Films, director of productions at Plan B Media Productions, chairman and one of the presenters of The Valley Radio and director and organiser of the prestigious Bridgnorth Music and Arts Festival which raises money for various charities.

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