The World Through Yaya's Eyes
Front Cover
Kai-Yu Sun


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Brief Description: Yaya (an intimate way of saying ‘duck’ in Chinese) is a duck whose world is full of love and adventures and who, through a series of enchanting and humorous cartoons, shares his reflections on life and his zest for exploring new possibilities, overcoming obstacles, thinking positively, and creating a more peaceful existence in harmony with others around him.
The endearing illustrations and succinct points might at first glance suggest that this is a book about children and for children, but on delving deeper it becomes clear that its wisdom and inspiration reach far beyond such a limited categorisation. On the contrary, it speaks to the child in each one of us, that inner voice that is often overlooked and downtrodden by the pressures of daily life.
The aim of the book is to spark our courage to think differently, swim against the tide and reassess our values, to rekindle our sense of adventure, and to encourage us to recognise and celebrate our skills, our potential and our uniqueness as individuals, opening up the possibility of a better life. It will certainly capture the minds and hearts of all who read it.

About the Author: Kai-Yu Sun, the creator of Yaya, is a writer and musician with a Master’s Degree in Musicology from Columbia University in New York City. She started drawing cartoons in 2000 after an inspiring encounter with some ducks on a lake, and ever since then Yaya has been sharing her life in every possible way.

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