Titanic: A survivor’s account of incredible loss, and human triumph
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James Fitzpatrick


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Brief Description: Few historical events have captured public imagination in the same way as the sinking of the Titanic and the ship’s ill-fated voyage has been the subject of several books, films and documentaries over the years. Now you can walk along the decks, take an imaginary journey through the galleys and experience life on board the Titanic through the power of poetry.
The poem, Titanic, centres around a conversation between SO Lightoller, the highest ranking surviving officer, and Millvina Dean, who was saved from the sinking ship as a two month old baby. Lightoller describes what it felt like to be on the Titanic just before, and immediately after, the ship hit the iceberg. The poem is written in a new format ‘Triplicism’ developed by the author, James Fitzpatrick, in which the main story or event is layered with contrasting concepts. The book also contains a thought-provoking selection of other beautifully crafted poems by the author, many with explanatory notes.
This book will appeal to anyone who appreciates poetry in all its forms and for all those people for whom the fascination of the Titanic story continues.

Special Note: This book is now out of print. The eBook version of this book is no longer available.

About the Author: James Fitzpatrick was born in Co. Cork, southern Ireland, moving to Dublin at a young age. After living and writing in both Holland and Portugal, he returned to his native land in 2002, setting up a film industry business and record label.
James started writing poetry in the 1990s and, in 2004, joined the Dublin Writers Association run by Irish poet Nessa O'Mahony, where he learned how to structure his writing. After the publication of his poem Early Incipient Gleam, he left the group to develop a new style.
In 2011, James started working on an 'Epic' or 'Long' poem with a central heroic character. The poem Titanic, was written to commemorate the 100th Centenary of the ship’s sinking, and was also a breakdown of the creation of the Euro currency. The poem came with a third 'hidden' layer; the media driven war between Modern and Contemporary Art. This use of three layers is called 'Triplicism'.
In 2012, James’ poem The Terracotta Girls was included in a poetry collection on women's rights by Austrian Penn. The author is currently developing another ‘Epic’ poem called The Great Elk.
Aside from his writing and multiple business ventures, James is qualified to teach English and has taught for over two and a half years. He resides in Co. Dublin.

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Publication Date:14 October 2014
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