Enjoy the Highs, Survive the Lows: A fifty year love affair with football
Front Cover
Paul Buck

Foreword by:
Steve Perryman MBE Hon LLD


Brief Description: Enjoy the Highs, Survive the Lows follows one man’s journey as a lifelong football fan and Spurs supporter. The book details the author’s experiences attending hundreds of matches during the course of fifty years and his often strong opinions regarding the top teams and all things football.
In this fascinating book, Paul Buck takes a light-hearted look at the great sides and players and expresses his view on the demise of the FA Cup, England’s constant failure at major tournaments and the changing face and concerns of the modern game, all from the perspective of a dedicated and loyal fan. Paul also recalls his Sunday morning playing career and comments on youth football today, drawing from his time coaching at that level.
Enjoy the Highs, Survive the Lows pays tribute to football fans of all ages, from any club, who have ever stood on a terrace, sat in the seats or simply pulled up an armchair to enjoy a match on TV. This book is for you.

Special Note: This book is also available as an eBook.

About the Author: Paul Buck was born in London, but has lived in Devon for the last nine years.
He lives with his partner, surrounded by hundreds of football books. He is a Tottenham Hotspur fan and has two grown-up children, of which one is an Arsenal fan!
Following careers in the print trade and financial credit industry, he now runs his own football programme and memorabilia business. This is his first published book.

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