The Adventures of Grapenut
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Chas Hodges


Brief Description: The Adventures of Grapenut is the debut novel of Chas Hodges, best known as half of singing duo Chas & Dave. The book is set in Madagascar where the main characters, Bimbo Clive-Barclay and his right hand man and long-time friend, Grapenut, run a vineyard.
Grapenut is a colourful character whose grasp of the English language can be somewhat limited but he can always find a way to get his message across, particularly when it comes to looking after, and protecting the interests of, his boss, Bimbo.
When Bimbo meets the beautiful Anjolia, it is love at first sight but before they can be together, he and Grapenut have to rescue her from the clutches of the villain Cacktrouser, with hilarious consequences.
Fast paced and full of earthy, adult humour, The Adventures of Grapenut is a no holds barred account of the antics of an unlikely hero and his attempts to look after the people he cares about. This book will appeal to anyone who is a fan of tongue-in-cheek comedy and enjoys a bawdy tale.

Special Note: This book is also available as an eBook.

About the Author: Chas Hodges is a singer-songwriter, better known as half of English musical duo Chas and Dave. He was born in London in 1943.
Chas started his professional career in music at the age of 16, as bass player in The Outlaws, Joe Meek’s session band, and played on numerous recordings such as ‘Johnny Remember Me’ a Number 1 hit by John Leyton. He went on to tour Britain and Germany as Jerry Lee Lewis’s bass player and learned to play the piano, later becoming part of gene Vincent’s backing band.
In 1972, Chas teamed up with Dave Peacock to form Chas and Dave. The duo became famous for their comic songs dubbed ‘rockney’ (rock/Cockney) and produced a string of well-known hits such as ‘Gertcha’ (1979), ‘Rabbit’ (1980) and ‘Ain’t No Pleasing You’ (1982).
Chas and Dave continue to perform together, whilst both also pursuing individual careers. Chas combines time on the road with his hobby of growing vegetables and writing. His light-hearted gardening guide Chas and his Rock ‘n’ Roll Allotment was published in 2010. The Adventures of Grapenut is his first novel.

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