Poems of Life Through Closed Eyes
Front Cover
Brian Pattimore


Brief Description: In his second book, Poems of Life Through Closed Eyes, spiritualist and medium Brian Pattimore brings you a further selection of poems to lift the heart and spirit.
The poems in this book explore all aspects of life and what it means to be human in the hope of offering comfort, healing and inspiration. The idea for a poem will often come to Brian while he is resting, in a meditative state, and his work is largely influenced by his late father and the values he taught him. His poems are also inspired by loved ones who have passed and the foster children in his care.
There is a poem for every occasion and they are there to be read when you need them most; during happy, sad and more contemplative moments. Poems of Life Through Closed Eyes is a book you can return to, time and again, in times of need or quiet reflection.

About the Author: Brian Pattimore has been writing poetry since 2002, when his mother passed away. He is a foster carer for children with learning disabilities, a role he has fulfilled for fifteen years. He enjoys working with children and the simple things they do through play is often a source of inspiration for his poems.
A few years ago, Brian joined a closed church circle and began to meditate, finding that poems would often come to him while he was in this relaxed state. In 2004, he published his first book of poetry, inspired by the words his he is gifted, and hopes this second book, Poems of Life Through Closed Eyes, will continue to offer hope and encouragement to anyone in need of comfort and reassurance.
Brian lives in Southampton and has four grown up children and eleven grandchildren.

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