Lost Chances
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Gilbert Lamusse


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Brief Description: In 1970s apartheid-torn South Africa, on the vast, sun-drenched expanses of the Eastern Cape, St Ann’s mission hospital staff find themselves drawn unwittingly into a dangerous and violent underworld blighted by interracial tensions, corruption, exploitation, deceit, manipulation and selfish ambition, in the wake of the continuing disappearance of local black girls, two brutal murders and a vicious rape. But who is responsible and what are their motives?
Vietnam war veteran, medical specialist and Roman Catholic priest, Tom Dooley, together with a young and courageous journalist, Sonja Vermeulen, fuelled by the opposing needs of both justice and revenge, are determined to get to the bottom of the crisis and expose the perpetrators. But are they simply small-town thugs or are higher powers at work, people who will stop at nothing to safeguard their sordid business? And who can be trusted?
Geraldine du Plessis, the attractive, seductive and narcissistic wife of a wealthy Afrikaner farmer, may hold some of the answers, but is she really as vulnerable as she seems or is there some hidden agenda? There is no turning back from the deadly game of cat and mouse that ominously unfolds, and painful sacrifices will have to be made, but will the price ultimately be too high?

About the Author: Gilbert Lamusse was born in Mauritius, and studied for degrees in Philosophy and Theology in Rome and Strasbourg respectively before working as a missionary for several years on some of the Pacific islands. He subsequently moved to South Africa where he worked in various areas while studying for an external law degree with London University. He is now retired and lives in Portsmouth with his wife.

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