Lost in a Poet's Mind
Front Cover
Simon Bromley

Prose Poetry

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Brief Description: Poems enable us to explore our soul and express our deepest thoughts and feelings through words and imagery, and this book invites the reader to literally get lost in the poet’s mind and to delve into his imagination - sometimes journeying with him into the unknown - and thereby be challenged to reassess their own values, acknowledge their desires, and listen to and dare to follow their own dreams.
A fusion of everyday situations, purposeful questioning, unfulfilled yearnings, and escapes into complete fantasy, the offerings in this book are sure to speak to each reader in different ways, providing a chance to explore their own minds and stretch their powers of understanding, about each poem’s message, about themselves, about the world, and about what the future may hold.

Special Note: The eBook version of this book is no longer available.

About the Author: Simon Bromley is in his early twenties, is single, and lives in Staffordshire. On the brink of what he hopes will be an exciting and adventurous life, he has a real desire to share his thoughts with the world, as he has done in this, his first book, and his ambition is to become a successful and respected writer.

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