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Tony James


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Brief Description: Elusive dweller of the woods, Harriet, is no ordinary female – she is beautiful despite her advancing years, gentle, loyal, intelligent and enjoys playing with children – so why would anyone be scared of her or want to kill her? Perhaps because she is a puma! And her fate is soon to be placed in the hands of two unsuspecting cousins – Gothic Talena and prissy Fallon – on a weekend’s summer break at their formidable Aunt Sylvia’s house in the quaint English village of Sommerford.
Suddenly the girls’ quiet and lazy weekend in the country is transformed as they find themselves in the middle of long-standing war that is about to reach its climax – on one side, Harriet and the mysterious tramp Larchy, and, on the other, a trigger-happy Farmer Anderson, whose claims to have seen a puma are wearing thin with the villagers and turning him into a laughing stock. He has a point to prove, so Talena and Fallon waste no time in deciding which side they are on, and hatch a seemingly foolproof plan.
With captivating characters and huge doses of humour, Harriet will expertly draw you into the girls’ whirlwind 48-hour adventure, enabling you to feel the suspense as they hurtle headlong (and quite often clueless) into the battle zone, as well as laugh at their many and varied predicaments and share their experiences in their most unforgettable and exciting weekend ever.

About the Author: Tony James was born in 1972 and lives in Tuxford, a market town in Nottinghamshire where he works for a company that specialises in short break holidays. Harriet is his first book and his interests outside writing include running, music, and voluntary work for the RSPCA.

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