Timeless Ripple
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Adam Imaan


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Brief Description: Timeless Ripple is a heartfelt poetic expression of the emotional and spiritual journey of a patient called Adam, as he tries to come to terms with a diagnosis of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a crippling nerve-degenerating disease, and the changes he has to face, both in his physical capabilities and in the world around him following 18 months in hospital.
Adam’s journey is trance-like, one of floating along the passive shores of life and, having inhaled the toxicity of his illness, he is seeking to exhale the raw emotions of a man who in many ways has lost everything, and yet has found contentment and fulfilment by writing profound, sensuous, enigmatic and thought-provoking poetry.
Determined to understand and reconcile with intangible emotions such as love and anger, Adam is fighting a personal battle to beat the odds and regain his mobility, but it is a crusade in which readers are invited to share, to gain inspiration and comfort, to be challenged, and to seek a deeper meaning in their own lives.

About the Author: Adam Imaan was born in England in 1973 and holds a degree in Business Administration. In 2001 he contracted a rare neurological illness called Guillain-Barré syndrome, leaving him paralysed and wheelchair bound. If it were not for his illness, such a powerful poetic offering as Timeless Ripple would never have materialised.

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