Trance Warriors: The Siege of Scarn
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Robert Auty


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Brief Description: Set in a fantasy world beset with chaos and warfare and inhabited by both good and malevolent characters, including elves and dwarves, this first book in the ‘Trance Warriors’ saga follows the struggles of outlaw, Connor, as he becomes drawn into a battle between good and evil, part of his destiny from which there is no escape.
Connor finds himself vying with both personal and real demons, grappling with a new role as a leader and protector, and learning how to develop and use his innate Trance Warrior powers to stop a bloody conflict and bring the opposing forces together for the ultimate battle on Middle Isle – the Siege of Scarn – against a hidden but escalating evil that could destroy the world.
As the story unfolds, Connor discovers hidden truths about himself, the history of his world and the gods – the gentle Scarn, who needs an instrument in the world for good, and the depraved Scarl, the root of all the evil consuming people’s hearts and minds and whose Blood Cult is growing – but there is one final devastating truth that Connor must face …

Special Note: This book came runner-up in the 'Spinetinglers Book of the Year Award 2007'.

About the Author: Robert Auty spent his formative years living in Canada, but now resides near his birthplace of Lancaster, England. ‘Trance Warriors’ came into being some six years before this book was published, in the form of a two-page premise drafted in the midst of writing a completely different novel, and grew into what you see now. Self-taught, Robert is currently busy writing the sequels to The Siege of Scarn.

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Publication Date:6 February 2006
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Publication Date:6 February 2006
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