Truffles' Diary: One Year On
Front Cover
Sheila Collins

Foreword by:
Ann Widdecombe


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Brief Description: Seventeen-year-old upper-class tabby cat, Truffles, is now one year older and one year wiser since she last allowed us to peek into one week of her private diary. As observant as ever – which is very surprising considering that her policy is to sleep 22 hours in every 24 – she is keen to share more amusing anecdotes about her life as an employer of human carers.
Reminiscing about her past feline and canine friends, Truffles once again flies the banner of superiority of the feline species over her canine and human counterparts, scoffing at the inferior intelligence and disgusting habits of the former as well as at the valuable eating and sleeping time that the latter expend on seemingly futile and thankless tasks.
As always, Truffles ensures that her human carers give her due deference at all times and perform their duties to the highest standard, proving yet again that the cat always gets the cream - a fact that politician Ann Widdecombe, who has kindly written a fitting foreword for this book, knows only too well, having been expertly trained by her own tubby tabby, Arbuthnot.

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About the Author: Originally from Croydon, Sheila Collins lives in Cornwall with her long-term partner, Peter, and their cat Truffles. After taking early retirement Sheila found the time to write a humorous book, 'Truffles' Diary', (also published by Apex Publishing Ltd) looking at life from her cat's point of view. Following on from the success of her debut book, her sequel continues to embrace the theme of a cat's observations whilst living in a human environment.

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